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VT-5 light tank

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The VT-5 Light Tank (English: VT-5 Light Tank) is a new light main battle tank developed in China. The tank uses China's latest 105mm line gun, which is an improved version of the Western L7 105mm tank gun introduced in China. This 105mm gun with extended length is said to be the world's most powerful 105mm gun. It can penetrate 500mm homogeneous steel armor at two kilometers, destroying most T-72 tank models without problems.

The VT-5 light tank developed by China Ordnance Industry Group has become one of the most dazzling stars in the ground. It is light, but fierce! The VT-5 tank weighs 36 tons and has a maximum speed of 70 km/h. It can span the trench and climb the vertical wall. It can carry weapons such as 105mm anti-tank guns, 12.7mm machine guns and 35mm grenade launchers, and its combat capability is comparable to that of the main battle tank.

The VT-5 light tank is the only light tank developed in the world. For the first time, the VT-5 light tank adopted the urban warfare modular armor component on Chinese tanks, becoming China's first urban combat tank. The VT-5 features a modular multi-level protection design that can be fitted with a set of reactive armor on the front and rear of the body to cope with the heavy fire strikes. The side also replaces the traditional rubber or light alloy apron of the Chinese tank with heavy reaction armor, and installs the grille armor at the rear to effectively prevent the RPG rocket launcher, anti-tank missiles, and roadside bombs from being hit. In terms of top protection, Additional armor can be installed as appropriate, which enhances the viability of the VT-5 in urban operations.

China not only has light tanks to supply its own market, but also has export-oriented VT-5 tanks - which means that these tanks may soon be sold to Pakistan.

Li Chunming, chief designer of the VT5 foreign trade light tank, mentioned in the interview that the VT5 weighs 33 tons and uses the new 150 series 8-cylinder diesel engine with a turbocharger and a power of 883 horsepower (650 kW). It looks a lot weaker than the engine of the main battle tank that is 1200~1500 horsepower. However, you must know that the 59-type medium-sized tank with a total weight of 36 tons has only 520 horsepower engines, and the power of 833 horsepower of the 33-ton VT-5 engine has made its unit power comparable to that of the latest main battle tanks. -5 reaches a speed of 70 km / h.

In addition, the small tonnage of the VT-5 also represents an excellent rapid deployment capability. Currently, the Yun-20 transporter has a maximum load of 66 tons and can transport two VT-5 tanks to the front line where rapid deployment is required.

The data provided by China Ordnance Industry Group shows that the VT5 tank has a total combat weight of only 30 tons and is equipped with a large horsepower electronically controlled engine. The performance and comprehensive combat capability in mobility, firepower, protection, informationization, etc. are all achieved. The world's advanced level.

The VT-5 main battle tank adopts an advanced liquid-gas suspension system similar to the Japanese 10-type main battle tank, which can reduce the tank height in a special state, and is very suitable for complex terrain operations such as mountains. The liquid-gas suspension system was already involved in the development of the 122-type medium tank in China in the 1970s, and finally achieved great results on the VT-5.



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