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  • Qingdao Port Crude Oil Terminal

    Port innovation

    It is understood that this new project is located in the Dongjiakou Port Area of ??Qingdao Port, and a new 300,000-ton oil berth is built. The hydraulic structure is designed according to the berthing of 450,000 tons of oil tankers; a 100,000-ton oil berth, hydraulic The structure is designed according to the berthing of 120,000-ton oil tanker; and the corresponding supporting facilities.

  • "China-Pakistan Cooperation"

    Petrobras is one of the world's largest integrated oil and gas companies, with an annual production of about 110 million tons in 2018, accounting for 82% of Brazil's total crude oil production. In recent years, Petrobras has become increasingly active in the Chinese market and has targeted the Shandong refining market. In 2018 alone, it sold about 8 million tons of crude oil to Shandong Refinery. Its Lula crude oil is highly sought after by the market.

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