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Essential information£º

Basic information Hegang-Dalian Expressway, short for Heda Expressway, also known as Heda Expressway, China National Expressway Network No. G11. The Heda Expressway starts in Hegang City of Heilongjiang Province and ends in Dalian City of Liaoning Province. It passes through Jiamusi-Qitaihe-Jixi-Mudanjiang-Ning'an-Yanbian-Dunhua-Baishan-Tonghua-Benxi-Dandong and other cities. It has four lanes in two directions with a total length of 1474 kilometers. The Heda Expressway was opened at 10:30 a.m. on October 27, 2016. Heda Expressway is the first of nine north-south longitudinal lines in the National Expressway "7918" network. It is also an integral part of the Ministry of Transportation's "Planning Outline" and Jilin Province's expressway network planning. It is one of the six major corridors identified in the "Northeast Region Revitalization Plan" approved by the State Council. Heda Expressway runs through the eastern regions of Heihe, Jilin and Liaoning Provinces. It is a fast way for the east of Northeast China to go to sea to North Korea, South Korea, Japan and other Northeast Asian regions to carry out international trade.

strategic significance£º

Heda Highway (G11) is a vertical line in National Highway Network Planning and Northeast Regional Skeleton Network. It starts in Hegang City of Heilongjiang Province and ends in Dalian City of Liaoning Province. It runs through Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning Provinces. It mainly undertakes medium and long distance transportation among regions, provinces and large and medium-sized cities. External aorta. Its construction will open up a North-South Expressway for Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces to enter the customs and reach the sea, expand the influence areas of Dandong Port and Dalian Port, and also be an important channel for national defense construction in the eastern border areas. Hegang-Dalian Expressway is an integral part of the national expressway network and Jilin Province's expressway network planning. It is a convenient passageway to enter and leave the sea in Jilin Province and the eastern part of Heilongjiang Province. It is also one of the important Southern exports of Jilin Province. The construction of this road is of great significance for improving the road network structure in southeastern Jilin Province, improving the traffic environment and promoting the economic development along the road. [2] After the completion of the project, the traffic location conditions of Baishan City will be significantly improved, and regional economic development along the route will be promoted. It will play an irreplaceable role in developing tourism, revitalizing logistics, introducing investment, expanding employment, improving people's livelihood and promoting urbanization. At the same time, it will expand the hinterland of the port and enhance its functions, which will help Baishan to open a new channel for economic and trade cooperation with DPRK as soon as possible.

Key projects£º

"Heda Expressway Science and Technology Demonstration Project is the first scientific and technological demonstration project in seasonally frozen areas in the field of highway traffic construction in China." Science and technology demonstration projects include 7 projects and 23 sub-projects. The integrated application of technological, technological, material and equipment innovation results will produce a huge superposition effect. In the demonstration project, the SBS composite modified asphalt technology of waste rubber powder and the pavement performance of vegetable asphalt and oil shale asphalt mixture were studied to cope with extreme climatic conditions. In order to promote low-carbon energy-saving technology of expressway, Heda Expressway promotes energy-saving and heat preservation technology of housing construction projects in service areas and toll stations on the whole line, and carries out research and application of energy-saving and intelligent control technology of lighting in expressway tunnels and service areas based on environmental perception, so as to reduce the operation cost of highway. In the application of information technology, it realizes the compatibility of different modes of electronic toll collection (ETC) technology, and provides fast transit services for travelers.

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