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Century achievement

Big country heavy machine, shine the world!

  • 24apr

    Qingdao Cross-sea Bridge

    The Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is located in Jiaozhou Bay, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. It starts from the Bay Bridge Interchange in the east, and connects to the Jiaozhou Bay Expressway via the Licun River Interchange, to the...

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  • 30apr

    Beipanjiang Bridge

    The main bridge of the first bridge of Beipanjiang River adopts double-tower double cable-stay steel truss cable-stayed bridge. The main beam adopts steel truss beam structure system composed of steel truss and orthotropic...

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  • 23apr

    Hangzhou Bay Bridge

    The Hangzhou Bay Bridge is located above Hangzhou Bay in Zhejiang Province, China. It starts from the Pinghu Interchange in Zhengjiatun Village, Haiyan, Jiaxing City, and runs across the Hangzhou Bay to the south of Ningbo....

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The Big Country Is Born Out Of The World - "Jiaolong"

"Jiaolong" Exploring The Sea To Create "China's Depth" To Write Chinese Dreams

The maximum dive depth of the Xiaolong manned submersible reaches 7062 meters. It marks that China's submarine manned scientific research and resource exploration capabilities have reached the international leading level.

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China·Super Engineering

Great, my country

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge: National Engineering, National Instruments

This is a dream bridge, concentric bridge, self-confidence bridge, Fuxing Bridge

On the eve of National Day 2016, the world's longest sea-crossing bridge – the main bridge of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is officially opened. The bridge runs through Hong Kong, Macao and Zhuhai, with a total length of 55 kilometers. Its main project “Haizhong Bridge Tunnel” is 35.578 kilometers long, of which the seabed tunnel is about 6.75 kilometers long and the bridge is about 29 kilometers long. This is not only a bridge, but also a close ties between compatriots on both sides of the strait!

The Zhu-Macao Bridge is a super-large cross-sea passage connecting Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau. It has a total length of 55 kilometers and will become the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world. The main project “Haizhong Bridge Tunnel” is 35.578 kilometers long, of which the submarine tunnel is about 6.75 kilometers long. The total length of the bridge is 49,968 meters. The main project "Haizhong Bridge Tunnel" is 35,578 meters long, including the 5,664-meter subsea tunnel. The design life is 120 years. It can withstand the magnitude 8 earthquake and the 16-level typhoon.

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge immersed tunnel is the world's longest road immersed tunnel and the only deep buried immersed tunnel in the world. The production and installation technology has a series of innovations, providing unique samples and valuable experience for the world's underwater tunnel engineering technology.

The longest desert highway in the world -

Jingxin Expressway

The total length of the world's longest desert expressway, the Jingxin Expressway, is about 2,768 kilometers. It has crossed the three deserts of Ulan Buh, Tengger and Badain Jilin in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is the largest single road construction project in Asia and the second expressway connecting Xinjiang and the mainland after the Lianyungang-Khorgos Expressway (G30).

On July 15, 2017, the Beijing-Xinjiang Expressway was connected to the Bailu section of Inner Mongolia, the Baishui section of Gansu, and the Mingshui section of Xinjiang and the Mingshui to Hami section of Xinjiang. Since then, the Beijing-Xinjiang Expressway has been fully connected.

The Beijing-Xinjiang Expressway connects Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Xinjiang in six provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities). The Linbai section of the traffic is 930 kilometers long, the Baiming section is 134 kilometers long, and the Mingha section is 178 kilometers long. Most of them are located in the Gobi and desert areas. The construction conditions are very difficult. However, in the past five years since the project started, the participating units have overcome the difficulties of poor environment, short construction period and heavy construction tasks, and successfully completed the tasks during the construction period.

Famous natural non-freezing port

Qinhuangdao Port

Since the end of the Qing Dynasty, Qinhuangdao Port has assumed important economic functions of energy output and is a modern international port that has contributed tremendously to the new China since liberation. Qinhuangdao Port is the world's largest energy export port and an important hub for China's “Northern Coal and South Transportation” channel. It is responsible for the coal supply of “eight provinces and one city” in southern China. 2018 is the 120th anniversary of the port construction of Qinhuangdao Port.

As early as 1898, Qinhuangdao was opened up as a commercial port by the Qing government, and it was mainly based on the transportation of foreign coal. Now, there are Jingha Railway and Tieling-Qinhuangdao-Beijing oil pipeline; the completion of the third phase of Qinhuangdao Port Coal Terminal, the supporting project of Datong-Qinhuangdao coal-specific electrified railway, has made Qinhuangdao Port the world's largest energy export port. China's comprehensive port based on coal and oil output.

Qinhuangdao Port has continued to grow and develop, and its throughput has increased year by year. In 2001, the port's coal throughput exceeded 100 million tons for the first time. After several years of hard work, in 2006, coal throughput exceeded 200 million tons, and in 2009, coal throughput was 206 million tons. The author predicts that Qinhuangdao Port will not be shaken in the future for a long time in the future, and will play a more important role in the two projects of West Coal East Transfer and North Coal South Transportation.

Amazing My Country!

How good is my country?

In the torrent of the rushing era, every "little person" cannot be separated from "big me", and this "big me" is our country - China.

This piece of hot soil is a place that can nourish countless kinds of possibilities. It is a place where poverty alleviation, one belt and one road, a dream project, a photovoltaic power... every smile, every dream, shines here. The bright red ribbons have passed through the landmark buildings in China, the elements of Tiangong No.1 and the Silk Road, leaving a touch of Chinese red that runs through time and space. This is a great motherland. This is a brand new era - "as long as you dare Think about it, our country has the ability to achieve it."

Voiced audiovisual language

The lens language with temperature is far more attractive than a large panorama of history. The grand theme needs to focus on the ordinary people in the context of the big era.

The whole film records many precious historical moments: the tension and rigor of the last sinking pipe of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the excitement of the first flight of a large domestic aircraft, and the pride of successful combustion of combustible ice. They are all new developments. Vivid practice under the concept.

Just the right amount of information

"Glorious China" self-timer HD material reached 3,200 hours, including 300 hours of aerial footage, and finally 300 hours. "Great, my country" is a 90-minute film in a 300-hour boutique. It can be seen that the selection of the lens by the main creatives is excellent.

Among them, the selection and use of material materials in "Awesome, My Country" is closely related to the documentary story, and it is well received. For example, using the story stream to present the details and impressions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's 14 contiguous poverty-stricken areas; using the on-site documentary to integrate the footprints and expectations of General Secretary Xi Jinping into the construction of the bridge and into the “Revival” In the story.

Beyond light and shadow, it is your country and my country.

The peace and prosperity of the people's lives cannot be separated from the prosperity and prosperity of the country. The achievement of every major achievement of the country also embodies the mighty power of the people of the whole country. The "great powers" and the "small homes" are closely related and inseparable.

The film "Awesome, My Country" not only has the story behind the grand project, but also focuses on the lives of the people. While showing the power of the great powers, it also tells the story behind it.

Winding Dragon

In China, the railway network has reached 120,000 kilometers, accounting for 7% of the world's railways. Among them, the high-speed railway network reached 20,000 kilometers. In July 2008, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Transport and the China Railway Corporation jointly issued the "Medium and Long-term Railway Network Plan", which outlined the "eight vertical and eight horizontal" in the new era. The grand blueprint for the high-speed railway network is expected to increase the high-speed railway network to 30,000 kilometers by 2020. Today, high-speed railways can reach speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour, and the speed of this world-leading speed can be achieved after solving numerous problems. China's railway development has been far ahead of the rest of the world. In particular, the high-speed railway has the fastest construction speed, the longest operating mileage and the highest speed, and has been ranked first in the world. Even if China’s railway industry has reached the forefront of the world, this is not the end. We still have a long way to go, continuous development, continuous innovation, and the highest end of the world’s railways. Leading sheep.

  • Sichuan-Tibet Highway

    The Sichuan-Tibet Northern Line departs from Chengdu and passes through Ya'an directly into Ganzi Prefecture. After passing through the Huohu, Ganzi and Dege...

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  • Heda Expressway

    The Hegang-Dalian Expressway is part of the National Expressway Network and the Jilin Province Expressway Network Plan. It is a convenient passage for the Jilin Province and the eastern part of...

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  • Jingxin Expressway

    The total length of the world's longest desert expressway, the Jingxin Expressway, is about 2,768 kilometers. It has crossed the three deserts of Ulan Buh, Tengger and Badain Jilin in the Inner...

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  • Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail

    Beijing-Guangzhou High-Speed ??Railway (Beijing-Guangzhou High-Speed ??Railway) is an important part of the Beijing-Hong Kong Express Railway (Beijing to Hong Kong) and is known as...

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  • Beijing-Tianjin High-speed Rail

    Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway is an inter-city railway connecting Beijing and Tianjin Port City. It is an important part of the inter-city rail transit network around Bohai Sea in China's Medium-and...

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  • Harbin High Speed Rail

    The Harbin-Dalian High-speed Railway is a high-speed railway connecting Harbin and Dalian in China. The route runs from north to south and is northeast China...

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  • Lanxin High Speed Rail

    Lanzhou-Wulumuqi High-speed Railway, referred to as Lanxin High-speed Railway, also known as the second line of Lanxin Railway, is a one-time completion of the world...

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  • Lancome Railway

    Lanzhou-Chongqing Railway is a China Railway I-class two-line electrified passenger and cargo line express railway connecting China's Gansu Province and Chongqing City...

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