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  • Beipanjiang Bridge

    building structure

    The main bridge of the first bridge of Beipanjiang River adopts double-tower double cable-stay steel truss cable-stayed bridge. The weight of the main and side spans and the live load are balanced by the weight of the concrete in the concrete access road and the main chord.

  • Value meaning

    The first bridge of Beipanjiang is the control project of Hangrui Expressway. The completion of the bridge has ended the history of the speed of Xuanwei and Shuicheng. The driving time of the two places has been shortened from more than 4 hours to 1 hour. The rapid exit of the expressway network has a major impetus.

    Record created

    Certified by Guinness World Records Co., Ltd., the first bridge of Beipanjiang is known as the "world's tallest bridge" and is included in the history of the world record.

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