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Daily average passenger flow

Tencent and Guangzhou Metro release the nation's first rail transit wisdom brain

Brush face ride, ticket security check-in, customer service robot online guide, lighting atmosphere automatically adjust according to holidays, more importantly, the manager can carry out full scene scheduling of subway capacity and station facilities......

Shenzhen Metro 7 line gates can brush the national traffic card

Shenzhen Metro has completed the upgrading of 3,995 gates in 7 lines under its jurisdiction. The modified gates can support financial IC cards and national traffic card cartoons. The passenger travel experience of the subway will be further enhanced...

Guangxi became the first ethnic minority autonomous region in the country to open the subway

By 2018, 14 counties (districts) under the jurisdiction of Baise, Yulin and Liuzhou had built high-speed railless stations and opened 17 lines of high-speed railless stations. The rapid development of urban passenger transport, Nanning Express Bus (BRT)...

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