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    Project scale

    Tianjin Port is the artificial deep-water port with the highest level of world waterway built on the silt shoal and built by the landfill. At present, the waterway of the main port of Tianjin Port has reached 21 meters, which can meet the entry and exit of 300,000-ton crude oil ships and the most advanced container ships in the world.

  • Port characteristics

    Tianjin Port is the largest artificial port in China. Tianjin Port is built by dredging and building land on the silt shoal. With the development of sediment control technology in the port, the advantages of the artificial port in deepwater construction have gradually emerged, laying a foundation for Tianjin Port and Hong Kong to rank among the world's deep-water ports.

    Tianjin Port has a unique location advantage. Tianjin Port is located at the intersection of the Beijing-Tianjin urban belt and the Bohai Economic Circle.

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