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    The country's 36 billion tons of large port Suzhou Port ranked third

    A few days ago, with the departure of this container ship, it marked the official opening of the route from Taicang Port to Ho Chi Minh Port, Vietnam. As the second Southeast Asian route of Taicang Port, this route has invested a total of three container ships, further expanding the shipping channels with countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”, and effectively strengthening the supporting role of Taicang Port's service regional economic development. Ma Yulong, general manager of Taicang Port Shanghai Port and Container Co., Ltd., is more conducive to the integration of Taicang into the “One Belt, One Road” strategic initiative, and is more conducive to more export and import of Taicang enterprises, covering all ports in Southeast Asia.

  • Ranked third

    At present, there are 192 container shipping routes in Taicang Port, and the status of the Jianghai Intermodal Hub is basically established. In 2017, the cargo throughput of Taicang Port reached 249 million tons, adding to Zhangjiagang Port and Changshu Port. In 2017, the total cargo throughput of Suzhou Port reached 574 million tons.

    According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Transport, there were 36 large ports with a throughput of over 100 million tons in 2017, of which Suzhou Port ranked third after Ningbo Zhoushan Port and Shanghai Port.

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