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  • Adhere to openness and tolerance, promote linkage growth

    At present, the world economy is showing a good momentum. The relevant international organizations expect that the world economy is expected to grow by 3.5% this year. This is the best economic situation in recent years. Such a situation is inseparable from the efforts of the G20. At the same time, the deep-seated problems in the world economy have not yet been resolved, and still face many unstable uncertainties...

    17 jun, 2019

  • "Made in China" Volvo took the Central European train "Changan" to Europe

    The Central European train “Changan” 4 8 loaded with 190 Chinese-made Volvo XC60 cars arrived at the North Harbour Terminal in Ghent, Belgium. This is the first time that the "Made in China" Volvo car was exported to Europe by the "Changan"...

    17 jun, 2019

  • The world's largest cargo container "Mediterranean Gulson" round maiden voyage in Tianjin Port

    The world's largest container ship "Mediterranean Gulson" round officially opened its first flight in Tianjin Port. This ship, which was launched on July 4th, will complete the export of more than 3,000 TEUs in Tianjin Port and will travel through multiple ports to the North West Europe...

    17 jun, 2019

  • Xi Jinping's "Haisi feelings": promoting the blue economy and increasing the welfare of the ocean

    In ancient times, people would travel by sea. On July 11, 1405, Zheng He led a large fleet of ships from Taicang to anchor and sail seven times. Nowadays, people are once again through the ocean. On October 3, 2013, President Xi Jinping issued a great initiative to build the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" in the Indonesian National Assembly, promoting the construction of a community of human destiny and revitalizing the ancient Silk Road. The vitality of the new era...

    17 jun, 2019

  • One person and two small pills, China is ready to kill malaria in Africa

    In 2007, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced that it will work to eradicate malaria on a global scale. However, when it took this step, it was already late...

    17 jun, 2019

  • China's high-speed rail has been praised: construction costs are two-thirds of other countries.

    From the fare point of view, compared with the price of high-speed rail tickets in various countries around the world, the price of China's high-speed rail is the lowest: the second-class ticket price of high-speed rail is 0.46 yuan per kilometer per person, and the first-class seat is 0.74 yuan per kilometer. This price makes China's high-speed rail within 1200 kilometers, which has a competitive advantage over cars and airplanes...

    17 jun, 2019

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