The Snapdragon creates a new record of work covering 99.8% of the world's marine areas.

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The Xiaolong manned submersible is the first deep-sea manned submersible in China. It is designed and self-integrated by China, and it is the world's deepest working manned submersible.

The current maximum dive depth of the Nine Dragons is 7062 meters, the maximum working design depth is 7000 meters, and the working range can cover 99.8% of the world's marine areas. As a submersible home One of the "three dragons" of the family is different from the unmanned cableless dragon and the unmanned Hailong. The advantage of the dragon is the fixed-point hovering operation. Scientists can take the dragon number By directly observing and sampling the seabed, an "anatomical sparrow" refinement study was conducted on a certain point on the seabed. "Three Dragons" can achieve complementary advantages, combined with point and line Check. From birth to use, the dragon has experienced many difficulties and difficulties, and has gathered the efforts of countless scientific researchers.

In June 2002, the Ministry of Science and Technology officially approved the establishment of a national “10th Five-Year Plan” 863 Program “7000m Manned Submersible” major project. As the owner of the China Ocean Association, it is responsible for the organization and implementation of the project; the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation's 702th Institute, the Shenyang Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other domestic deep-sea equipment R&D advantage units have become the backbone of the project development. After the smooth delivery of the Nine Dragons, from 2009 to 2012, the Nine Dragons successfully obtained the 1000-meter, 3000-meter, 5000-meter and 7000-meter sea trials. Dive to 7000 meters, indicating the maturity of the integrated technology of the Jilong manned submersible, marking that China's deep-sea submersible has become one of the frontiers and commanding heights of marine scientific research. Since 2013, the Xiaolong has officially entered the experimental application stage. In 2017, on June 13th, local time, the Xiaolong successfully completed the last dive of the third segment of the Ocean 38 voyage, marking the successful completion of all the dive missions of the experimental application voyage. Up to now, the Xiaolong has successfully dive 158 times. The deep sea is rich in resources and is the blue space for human development in the future. As the only manned submersible that can be dive in China, the Snapdragon plays an important role in exploring the deep sea. With the gradual advancement of major national projects such as “Qianlong Sea Exploration”, China’s deep-sea industry will surely create new glory.

An extended reading of the sea trial lost nearly 1 hour recalled the thrilling scene of the scene commander has been lingering. "According to the operating rules, if the communication is interrupted for 15 minutes, it should be dumped, the submersible must return. And that dive, the mother ship's The command system lost nearly one hour with the submersible inside the submersible!" Recalling the thrilling scene of the 7000-meter sea trial of the Dragon, the on-site commander Liu Feng has been worried. Located in the deepest part of the world's ocean, the Mariana Trench is high pressure, dark and cold. Before entering the sea, the submariners had just conducted a comprehensive inspection of the Xiaolong to ensure that power and communication were normal. Immediately, the dragon was loosened, separated from the mother ship, and slowly disappeared from the sea. But unexpected things have happened. After the loss of the joint, the sea trial headquarters immediately judged after the analysis: there is certainly no problem in the submersible, because the data shows that the equipment of the submersible is working properly. The final reason was that the original operation was inadvertent, and the submariner pressed a button to open another communication mode. After discovering the problem, the headquarters immediately re-established the communication and successfully completed the remaining operations. On June 24, 2012, the Dragon Dragon broke through the depth of 7000 meters for the first time in the trial area of ??the Mariana Trench. Later, it also created a record of the Chinese manned dive of 7062 meters of dive, and also created the world's similar type of submersibles. The maximum dive depth record. This means that China has the ability to carry people to work in more than 99.8% of the world's oceans.

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