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The world's largest, China's Tianyan has found 41 new pulsars, looking for aliens to rely on him!

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China Tianyan is abbreviated as FAST. It is located in the karst crater of Dawotun, Kedu Town, Pingtang County, Guizhou Province. It is built by the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It has China's independent intellectual property rights, the world's largest single caliber, and the most. Sensitive radio telescope. The overall performance is ten times that of the famous radio telescope Arecibo. The concept of China’s Tianyan was proposed by Mr. Nan Rendong as early as 1994. However, because it was too difficult to build, it was not built until 22 years later. After the world’s largest glasses were built, 41 new pulsars were discovered. It has contributed greatly to the astronomical field in China. The Chinese sky is different from the telescope in the traditional sense. There is an eyepiece for observation, but it is more like a silver-white big iron pot.

So far, humans have discovered more than 1,000 pulsars. A pulsar is a fast-rotating neutron star that emits a strictly periodic pulse signal. The observational research of pulsar not only has important physical meaning, but also has important application value. It has important application prospects in time scale and deep space autonomous navigation. In a common sense, a pulsar is a star that emits a pulse signal at almost the same time interval. He is like a lighthouse, sweeping the searchlight source across the sea at a fixed time, providing a positioning reference for his position in the interplanetary aircraft. That is to say, if the future, human beings want to conduct interstellar exploration, they need to receive the pulsar signal to judge their position in the universe, so as not to "Star Trek."

Where is the Chinese eye? It is found that aliens rely on it. 1. It can extend China's space measurement and control capability from the geosynchronous orbit to the outer edge of the solar system, and increase the downlink downlink data rate by 100 times. 2. The pulsar arrival time measurement accuracy is increased from 120 nanoseconds to 30 nanoseconds, making it the most accurate pulsar timing array in the world, making a pulsar clock for the forward-looking research of autonomous navigation. 3. Perform high-resolution microwave patrol, diagnose and identify weak spatial signals with 1HZ resolution, and serve as national security services for passive strategic radar. 4. Based on the powerful features of FAST, if there are aliens in the Milky Way (about 150,000 light-years in diameter), their information is likely to be discovered. Dan Wormer, the chief scientist of the international research project "Search Alien Program" (SETI), recently proposed to the Chinese side that he hopes to install equipment in FAST and cooperate to search for alien signals. (This paragraph comes from Baidu Encyclopedia) China's high-speed rail, China's Huawei's 5G, China's eyes... I hope China's technology can be more powerful and have more powerful power to serve all mankind.

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